Fancy Sheep and Contacting Me

I’m going to begin changing our weekly post time from Fridays to Wednesdays. I think it works better with my schedule, and isn’t it fun to look at pictures in the middle of the week? I think so.

I was inspired by Debbie Ohi, who has written several times about signing off to be more productive at work.  I found myself thinking about that and checking “Well, I’m not online that much, right?”  Then I started paying attention to how distracted I felt when I would take internet breaks vs the days I didn’t log on until after work. I get a lot done when I’m not online!

Email is still the best way to contact me for if you want to hire me or contact me. My email is seybertah @ gmail .com. I will respond to your email message within 24 hours, but if you send me a message on facebook, it often gets sent to my “other” box and I won’t see it for weeks.

Have a wonderful weekend! Here is a fancy sheep sketch for you :)


Lessons I’ve Learned this Week

"Noooooo!!! Pencil, don't leeeeave!"

“Noooooo!!! Pencil, don’t leeeeave!”

This week was an off-week in my drawing ability. I like to think to myself that when I’m drawing really badly, I’m about to level up! A bad drawing streak is a wonderful learning opportunity. And I learned a LOT this week.

  1. Sometimes a drawing is okay, but doesn’t represent the emotion or atmosphere I am trying to convey, and so I label it “Bad”

    There's nothing really wrong with this drawing of a girl, but she is a bit generic

    There’s nothing really wrong with this drawing of a girl, but she is a bit generic

  2. Rushing does NOT improve my drawing but rather, gives my characters a sort of over-caffeinated look.


    Messy sketching is okay but too many pencil markings gives a character a jittery quality and can make creating a final draft difficult. Which lines are giving the character energy?

  3. Draw what the character is feeling, not what the character looks like. (My mom came up with this one, and THAT was the turning point for me.

    "Gracie is ready for school" On the left, we see the character looking pleasant, but we don't know what she's feeling. On the right, we can see Grace is excited and happy.

    “Gracie is ready for school” On the left, we see the character looking pleasant, but we don’t know what she’s feeling. So she’s a bit generic again. On the right, we can see Grace is excited and happy.

  4. Look at it from another angle. I tend to go Center Stage, Camera Straight On Main Character. What if we were looking down? Or up? How can perspective help tell the story?

    I always hated climbing up the ladder to the attic. We get a better sense of the height here, and understand why the character looks a little worried about what is in the attic. I think I could've pushed it a little to the right above too.

    I always hated climbing up the ladder to the attic. We get a better sense of the height here, and understand why the character looks a little worried about what is in the attic. I think I could’ve pushed it a little to the right above too.

  5. Oreo Thins are delicious. I know, that has nothing to do with drawing. But it’s STILL TRUE!
  6. Self-care leads to more productive drawing. A good night’s sleep, a clean environment, painted toenails, exercise. Taking the time to take care of my life’s To-Do list gives me the mental space to stretch out and run around in my imagination.

    Take care of yourself so you can take care of your art!

    Take care of yourself so you can take care of your art!

Thanks for letting me share what I learned this week and some of my very messy sketches! Over the next couple weeks I’m going to take what I’ve learned and work on some of my portfolio pieces. I can see some issues with them now, and I’m looking forward to trying some new things with the old pieces :) Have a wonderful week! I’ll see you next Friday :)

Short and Sweet

This Friday’s post will be a little short because I was sick and knitting hats instead of drawing or writing. I can’t look at bright screens too long when I’m sick, but knitting? Perfect! Okay back to business…

I have new items for sale at Society 6.  Lots of good things you’ve seen here on the blog AND tricera loki


 I can’t wait to show you the next one next week. I’ll also be finishing up my illustration for the SCBWI prompt “Muse.” to share with you next Friday.  While you wait, here’s a doodle I did when I felt a little too “connected” to social platforms. It’s okay to take a break from being super-connected! Have a wonderful week, everyone!


Mr. Mole and Mr. Badger bookmark completed

Wind in the Willows

Yay! It’s done! Probably! Yeah, it’s done! Here is the scene of Mr. Badger showing Mr. Mole some of the deeper tunnels and halls of Badger’s Burrow. I gave Mr Mole a walking stick because he had injured himself before entering Mr. Badger’s home. There are many scenes in The Wind In the Willows that have a lot of action, and of course Toad riding a motorcar, which is one of the first images anyone thinks of when you mention the book. But in this scene, Mr. Mole and Mr. Badger are forming a real friendship through a shared appreciation of cozy underground living. Badger opens up and reveals a warmth and spirit as they travel through the tunnels and rooms, a treat only for the guest who can appreciate it.

What next?

Next I will work on a few items to sell online, as well as a picture book dummy. I’ll share snippets of the dummy, and will link you to the online items once they are ready :D  Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you next Friday!


An elephant painted in Photoshop. “Elephant” was the August prompt for #pinchpunchpost

WIP: Mr. Mole and Badger Bookmark

Bookmark WIP: Mr. Mole

My regional chapter of SCBWI is having a bookmark challenge where one illustrates a scene from The Wind in the Willows. I remembered nothing of the book, and had a lot of fun reading it as an adult. Everyone always said “ahh, Toad” when I mention the title, but Mole is my favorite. Here is a work in progress of the bookmark with Mole and Badger. I’ll show you the finished illustration next Friday!

Schoolism and Updates

I signed up for a 6 month subscription to Schoolism, and the first class I signed up for was Painting with Light and Color with Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo.

You might recognize those names. They are the creators of the Oscar Nominated Short Animated Film: The Dam Keeper. I don’t think I need to tell you how awesome it is that they put together an online class for folks like me to learn loads from.

I’m on lesson 2 and already I feel like I’ve learned so much. I’ve struggled a lot with value and they have some great advice on improving that I can’t wait to try! Also each week includes a Photoshop tip, and it’s really great. They do a great job with the class.

With a Schoolism subscription, you can take one class at your own pace, and then switch to another class for a dollar. I have no intention of rushing through any of the lessons but I’m very excited to learn as much as I can in that time. Maybe I will have to renew my subscription and learn more! One 6 month period at a time.

What else is new? In addition to learning new things, I’m also sending out my first batch of promotional postcards and have started to work on my first picture book dummy. I have also decided to share a new post on this blog each Friday. Every Friday you can expect to see an update of what I’m working on, learning about, and just news in general with pictures. And if I don’t have news, I’ll make something up for you :-)


                                                           Postcards all ready to go!

Guest Strip for P.J. Day

Last month P.J. Day, creator of the web comic Flatt Bear, asked me to draw a guest strip for him. I had so much fun with this project!  It took me a few weeks to finish this so I have crazy amounts of respect for cartoonists like PJ for publishing weekly (Flatt Bear comes out THREE times a week!)

Here is the guest strip. Please go check out Flatt Bear! If you want to read it from the beginning, here is The First. You can also learn more about PJ  here or follow him on twitter.

Thanks to my family and Vince Dorse for being patient as I badgered them for critiques :)


Sketch Requests

A while ago, I was hitting a creative wall, so I asked my twitter followers to suggest things for me to sketch. The only rule was that it had to be family friendly.  For 20 minutes I took any requests, and these were the four requests: an axolotl, a baby dragon, a baby robot, and a squirrel balloon.

I had a lot of fun doing the sketch request! I think I’ll do it again next week. What’s cool about it is there isn’t a lot of time to overthink-just draw, draw, draw. Perfect for breaking past a wall :)

Axolotl Baby Dragon Baby Robot Squirrel balloon

Art Trade Part 4: Corgi

Jillian Altmeyer, or Squidbrains, asked if folks would give her drawings of her corgi, Banjo. Banjo is ADORABLE, so I said “Sure!” In return Jillian will send me some arty goodness and I will share it and the other art trades I receive with you when it arrives!

Banjo with Butterflies

And I couldn’t resist scanning it in and painting over it using a multiply layer. Fun fun fun! :-D

Banjo and the Butterflies PS


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