Working With my Brother

I am really excited about this one, y’all.

This week’s Shirt Woot! derby theme is: Inspired by Children’s Books.

Aw yeah! How exciting! My brother is a designer, and  has a shirt that won before. He told me of a great idea he had to do a design inspired by Shel Silverstein, but he didn’t have time to draw it.

“I have time to draw it!” I said. We worked together to come up with the final product. I drew the different elements, and he designed it and wrote the poem. Working together was really awesome. I had a ball drawing everything, and he did a kick butt job with the writing and design. We’re really proud of this one, and hope you like it too.Josh and Autumn Collab

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How I Get Back On Track in Drawing

After I’ve spent some time working on a commission, my brain calls for a time-out. I get distracted, and I can’t paint or draw anything well.  I try to hard to be perfect, and it messes everything up.

I’m working on a commission I’m really excited about, but it’s also challenging. I love that kind of work, so NO complaints here, until everything starts to go downhill.

So when that happens (today), I find it’s best to just sketch. Not worry about how NICE it looks, in fact, the messier, the better. I want it a wriggly- line mess of things until I feel like all that stuffy perfectionism is out of my way and I can begin again.

I started with a self-portrait of how I felt…out-of-sorts-sketch Then I noticed there was a LOT of space. Perfect for a little worried muse….But what? A little flying bug? A flying teddy bear! an elephant! Wait….is that….well that works too!!


Aaaaaaand then



And now I’m ready to get back to my commission-relaxed and warmed up. I like this piggy so I am probably going to come back to him, but now you know my process for when I get stuck on a piece :) Have a great day!

Medusa is my new friend

For some reason these days, I’m obsessed with Medusa. I’ve always been a fan of mythology-but Medusa is on my mind. A few weeks ago, I posted the vibrant green Medusa on Twitter. I wanted to make her look more like a sea monster. I feel good about the results.Medusa

 Then I was SUPER excited to have Sketch_Dailies tweet that #medusa would be the topic of the day this past week. I sketched lots of Medusa, ranging from not failed scary, to sexy, to cute, and then this ancient Medusa said hello. And I LOVED her. 

I like to think of what Medusa would be like as an old monster. Still beautiful and deadly, but tired-some of that fury finally out of her system. And those of you who know me know that I was just as excited to invent a solution to cover her up a little. I’m not a prude (yes, yes I am a little) but I do like to keep it Family Friendly as much as possible. I have some good ideas for this sketch, so I present it as a WIP and if I like the result, I’ll share it with you!

IOld Medusa 


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