Sea Turtle



The sea turtle is complete! I am really, really happy with him. My friend April suggested I paint a sea turtle and he was so much fun to paint! I was really surprised by how colorful turtles are!

You can buy a print of him at my store. (click on the image to link to store)

For the next week, I’m taking a vacation from the internet to really focus on my art and just to get away from the computer and out into the world a bit. I’ve been meaning to do this for a few weeks now, and the timing is finally right. It won’t impact this blog too much, but you may notice my absence if you follow me on Twitter or other social networking sites.  :-) 

Have a great week and see you in August!

Dinosaurs say “Never Give Up”

Dinosaur Summer


The dinosaur painting is complete. If you have followed me on Twitter and Facebook, you know these dinosaurs started as a fun idea of something to paint for my nephew.  It was really hard to do and I got so upset about it that my painting became even worse! OH NO!


Sometimes things are really hard to do, and it is frustrating. Once I got really upset, I took a long break and did other things like knitting and riding my bike to calm me down. While it was tempting to just quit and give up, I’m really proud that I kept trying until I finished the painting. I like my dinosaurs, and I love that when I look at them, they will remind me that I can do anything if I keep learning, keep trying, and keep a positive attitude. Never give up :)



You can buy “Dino Summer” as a print, shower curtain and more at my Society 6 Store




WIP: Fairies and Fundamentals



Earlier this month, I was completely stumped over my work. I felt like I was suffocating,  too restricted by rules.  I said “I’m just going to PAINT something to get this out of my system then I’ll get back to work.” My friend had posted some pictures of his adorable girls and I thought “They just need wings!” and after he gave the okay to use them for reference, I started to work on a fairy painting. I felt like I was on vacation as I swiped my stylus across the screen.

I started sketching. I thought about balance, movement, lines and composition and before I knew it, I finished the sketch , and I was ready to paint. I thought about each brush stroke before I did it, and about the value. I thought “I want the background to look just as interesting as the subject” and painted with the goal that a person could crop any part of the painting and still have something to look at. Values, brush economy, color schemes…

It was at this point I started to laugh at myself.  I had found creative freedom by going back to the fundamentals. How rebellious!

This was what I needed. I work steadily and while there have been some bumps, I no longer feel like I’m trapped in a painting. I can step back, check it, and continue to work with intention. I decided to finish this painting, and then pick up my earlier work with fundamentals in mind. I’m already excited about  it.

Coincidentally, Chris Oatley and co. talk about fundamentals, work flow, and getting attention in his latest podcast. I definitely recommend listening to it if you haven’t already. It’s a good reminder for any artist, and they had a lot of good things to note.

I am almost done with this painting. Below is the environment, and once I’ve completely finished the fairies and the piece, I’ll share the completed painting and some more progress photos


Lips and the Mango Attack

I read online that mango skin and seed have the same oils as poison ivy and that you should wash your mangoes before eating, and your hands and face after eating. I didn’t know that! Well, I washed my mango, I washed my hands and face after because mangoes are a sticky mess, but I didn’t wash my lips.  I woke up with a rash all over my lips. That’s when I went online and learned about the dark side of the mango. :)

Benadryl helped and ointment helped and I thought “This will go away”

Then yesterday my lips swelled up like little lip balloons and my mum took to me to the doctor. I got a steroid shot, some oral steroids to take this week and an anti-histamine.  By evening, my lips were back to normal, and this morning, I still have some symptoms but I feel so much better!

The Mango is now on my “No-no” list of things that give me a reaction.

I have nothing new to show you yet. I have painted some, but my lips took a lot of my attention. Now that I’m better, I’m back to work full-time and will have some new things to show you next week!


Work in Progress
























I’m working on something different for me, and am really excited about it. I can’t wait to share the finished work with you. This picture above is the background that I painted, and the picture below is a peek at some of the details I’ve been working on. It’s my plan to have this painting and the dinosaurs complete to show you at the end of the month. :)



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