Magpie That


James of “Magpie That” accepted a magpie I painted and posted it on his blog. I like that.

In case you don’t know what “Magpie That” is, in one word I will call it “Huge”. There are tons of references for teachers on EVERY subject and a picture book blog that covers fantastic books, topics, artwork…I lost hours just poking around all the wonderful and shiny things there.

Here’s a link to Magpie That.

Here’s a link to follow James on Twitter


Art Therapy


I’m having a down day. I’m sure there are many reasons, it’s a grey day, I haven’t slept well for a few nights…

Days like these, I stay in my pajamas and keep busy. I’ll work on my knitting,  play the piano, or organize my closets. Anything that isn’t sitting and ruminating.

Today I decided to draw it out. I used Photoshop CS5, my fancy Cintiq, and worked in silence. Soon I was in the zone where thoughts are quiet and it’s just drawing.

So here is my sad self-portrait. Not surprising, I felt a lot better as I worked on it. By the end, I felt practically happy.

What do you do when you are having a down day and want to feel better?

Partly Cloudy



Some days it’s hard to get moving! I went for a walk early this morning, and it seemed like the sun was struggling to get out of bed too. This must be how partly cloudy days happen.

One of the most often shared pieces of advice for artists is “Draw everyday.” Not “Draw a masterpiece everyday. ” but “Draw everyday.” It’s really awesome if we can draw a masterpiece. I think the results are really just a nice bonus but  the true victory lies in the practice.

I hope you enjoy “Partly Cloudy”!


Panel-1 Panel-2panel-3panel-4Panel-5



Pinocchio meets the Cricket


pinocchio-meets-cricketupdatedIf you ever read the book “Pinocchio”, you’ll discover that he was a very bad little puppet, and there are lots of dark twists and turns for him. My mom first started reading it and said “You’ll never believe what he did to the cricket!” and after I read it, I wanted to draw the scene when Cricket first lectures Pinocchio before getting hit with a hammer.

I went with darker “spooky” colors to reflect Pinocchio’s character. I don’t draw a lot of indoor environments and found it challenging and delightful. I am happy with many of the elements, and am looking forward to drawing more scenes.





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